Athena is the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War. She was a fierce warrior utilizing intelligence, strategy and discipline but also praised for her compassion and empowering others.  Athena represented skill and justice and embodied knowledge, strength, courage, excellence, and inspiration. She is also known as the goddess of arts and crafts, inventing new items displaying innovation and life balance. This is the inspiration for being an ATHENA ATHLETE Рa warrior and a goddess.



Having proper information for female athletes is essential for making appropriate decisions for each individual and team. Beyond sport skill essentials, all aspects of both physical and mental training need to be addressed including: injury prevention, strength & conditioning, nutrition, recovery, mindset, building confidence, goal setting and leadership development.



The world of athletics continues to progress and change. Through innovation and vision, developing an athlete and team culture that is ever adapting ensures an environment that is leading the way.