What is Performance Coaching?

Performance Coaching in Athletics

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In the world of sport, the environment is fast-paced and ever-changing.  The ability to look at all aspects of an individual athlete and team’s performance beyond the X’s and O’s of plays or specific sports skills is becoming an essential component for success. 

In today’s elite athletic environments, a performance director has become an important addition overseeing the collaboration of sports medicine, nutrition, psychology, sports science, strength and conditioning, recovery, technology, team building, and program culture.  Separately, each of these areas has their own goals and mission for supporting the athletes, teams, and coaches.  The performance coach is a bridge for connecting everything together and communicating between these various components and the coaching and administration staff for an overall vision and goal.  The importance of this position with the increasing level of performance and abilities of athletes is becoming realized more today than ever.  This is great for professional teams and athletes or college settings that have the budget to include each of these departments and this position into their programs to really benefit the athletes and teams in maximizing overall performance and with that, their chances for success.

For High School/Club Athletes

What if you’re a high school or club athlete looking to develop yourself and improve your performance to make it to the next level and really make your dreams a reality?   Or even if you just want to balance everything you have going on with life and sport to prevent injury or improve your mindset or leadership skills. Without the resources of each of these various aspects and the expertise they bring to assist and guide an athlete in developing their overall performance and balance it all together, athletes are dependent upon only their sports coaches or parent(s) for information and coaching.  This may cause limitations due to the goals of the coach for sport-specific skill development, team objectives and timeframe for practices or views of the parent(s) supporting their individual child.  It is also dependent upon the amount of knowledge and experience one may have in these different areas.  This is where a performance coach may be a vital component to educating and guiding the athlete, parent(s) and coaches in many of the other areas of sport for overall excellence in performance and life, such as injury prevention, recovery, and leadership and mindset development.

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